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Resume Editing & Resume Writing Services

When can I expect my resume editing or resume writing to be complete?

If you purchased our Resume Editing or Resume Writing service, you should receive your draft in 3 and 4 business days, respectively, after your consult.

How quickly can I get revisions after I've provided feedback?

Our writers will provide revisions to you within 2 business days, and you can expect your cover letter after the final draft.

How many resume revisions do I get?

You’ll have the opportunity to make unlimited revisions for 45 days.

Do you have any resume samples that I can see?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide samples, because each candidate is wholly unique. Your skills, experiences, and knowledge are only pertinent to you, and we hand craft each resume to the individual. Feel free to request a Free Resume Analysis, and one of our writers can get on the phone with you to give you an understanding of what we would provide.

When do I give you more information about myself?

All of our services are a collaborative process. You know your story better than we do. Our expertise is collecting the information through the Resume Questionnaire or a one-on-one interview called Signature Consult, and then crafting a narrative which speaks volumes about you.

When should I return my revisions?

In order to keep your job history as fresh as possible, we ask that you complete the process with us within 45 days of placing your order. After 45 days, there will be an additional charge of $115. 

How will I receive my resume order after it is completed?

We deliver your resume to you through email as an attached Word document and PDF.

When can I expect my resume if I purchase rush services?

Generally speaking, you’ll have your first draft in hand by 9:00pm (cst) at the very latest. Once you provide your revisions, they’ll be processed within the same business day, as opposed to two business days for non-rushed customers. Your Cover Letter and LinkedIn Makeover is also provided within the next business day as well.

Will I be able to communicate with my resume writer while my resume is being written?

Absolutely! Our team is available for you through email or phone. You can send us a message using our Quick Contact Form, and we will be more than willing to keep in touch with you while we create your resume.

What if I need more than one resume?

Most candidates don’t have the luxury of gearing their resume towards multiple industries. For those who are lucky enough to have multiple options, we can provide you with an additional Resume and Cover Letter for $60.

Do you create general resumes?

Never! All of our resumes are geared, at minimum, to an industry. General resumes raise red flags for hiring managers, and they say one thing, and only one thing: you don’t know what your next journey in life is.

LinkedIn Makeover Service

When can I expect to receive my LinkedIn Makeover?

Your LinkedIn Makeover is completed in 5 business days after you complete the Next Step form. If you’re also receiving a resume from us, it’ll be 5 business days after your final draft is sent.

Does the same person who wrote my resume work on my LinkedIn Makeover?

Nope! You have an entirely different set of eyes working on your LinkedIn profile. The writing, flow, and techniques are all very different from a resume.

Do I need to purchase your resume service to get a LinkedIn Makeover?

Not at all. We always recommend that you, at the least, get a Free Resume Analysis to ensure your resume is up to par, but as long as your resume has enough information, we’ll give you a complete makeover.

What if my resume isn’t good enough for a LinkedIn profile, will you give me a refund?

If we feel we can’t do anything for your profile because of insufficient information, we’ll give you the option to grab our resume service or get a refund. Hassle free.

Do you just copy and paste my resume into my LinkedIn profile?

Never! We’ll re-write your profile into a different tone, create your summary, add in skills, fill out the interests section, connect you to targeted groups, and add in specific keywords to ensure your profile is found. But, before we do all of that, we’ll do a competitive analysis on others in your area and industry, so your profile is set apart from everyone else.

Job Search Services

When can I expect my Cover and Thank You Letter?

You will receive both materials within 2 business days after the final draft. Both are based upon the resume itself, so we have to wait until the very end to construct them.

Will my Cover and Thank You Letter be geared towards a specific position?

We will write your Cover and Thank You Letter for a specific industry, allowing room to adjust the letters themselves to each position.

How long does a Signature Consult generally take?

It shouldn’t take more than 25 minutes, however, for some customers of a scientific or project management background, it can take a little longer. Because it is more of an ‘interrogation,’ if you speak faster and are concise, the call can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.

Is the Signature Consult like a mock-interview?

Yes! You’ll be asked all sorts of questions about your background and poked and prodded about almost every detail. It’ll prepare you to answer questions you would never have thought of, and all in a short span of time, adding on additional pressure.

General Questions

Who will write my resume? Are they qualified professionals?

We are a team of Certified Resume Writers with expertise in a wide range of career fields. Ongoing writing development, and three quality checks before you receive your resume will ensure we create a narrative fit for you.

Who all do you produce resumes for?

We craft resumes for all those who are seeking the next milestone in their life in over 40 industries. Our Resume Services and professional resume writers, will create a story about you that sells your skill sets and accomplishments.

Will you ever release my information?

You can be absolutely certain that all information exchanged is absolutely confidential. We guarantee privacy of any and all personal information.

Do you offer free services?

We sure do! We’ll be more than happy to provide you with a Free Resume Analysis and a Free LinkedIn Analysis.

I can’t find an appointment to my liking. Can I get a time that isn’t listed?

Send us a few days and times, and we’ll do our utmost to work around your schedule and make it happen. We can’t guarantee anything, but if we work together, we’ll be able to do almost anything. 🙂

What if I don't like the resume I receive?

If you are not satisfied with what we deliver, we will work with you to rewrite your resume until you’re satisfied!

Can I get a refund if I don’t like your service?

Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds on our orders. If you’re not satisfied, your resume can get transferred to a senior professional resume writer, and we’ll work with you to provide you a document you can be proud of.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including, Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Do you keep my payment information on file?

NEVER! We don’t store any payment information. PayPal is our merchant processor, and everything is done through their secure server. Once they have it, they never give it back!